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Angel Copper Ornament
Artistic GOLD ChokersArtistic GOLD Chokers
Artistic GOLD Chokers Sale price$89.00
Casual Gold or Silver Chokers - Nurit NiskalaCasual Gold or Silver Chokers - Nurit Niskala
ARTISTIC Silver Chokers Sale price$89.00
Blue Copper CuffBlue Copper Cuff
Blue Copper Cuff Sale price$89.00
Copper Dots CuffCopper Dots Cuff
Copper Dots Cuff Sale price$89.00
Copper FLORAL CuffCopper FLORAL Cuff
Copper FLORAL Cuff Sale price$89.00
COPPER swirl design CuffCOPPER swirl design Cuff
COPPER swirl design Cuff Sale price$89.00
Copper WAVY CuffCopper WAVY Cuff
Copper WAVY Cuff Sale price$89.00
Delicate Patina Brass RingDelicate Patina Brass Ring
Delicate Sage Green CopperRingDelicate Sage Green CopperRing
Denim Blue copper RingDenim Blue copper Ring
Denim Blue copper Ring Sale price$36.00
Denim Blue Cuff BraceletDenim Blue Cuff Bracelet
Denim Blue Cuff Bracelet Sale price$89.00
Sold outDragonfly Copper Ornament
Dragonfly Copper Ornament Sale price$21.95
Emerald Turquoise Patina RingEmerald Turquoise Patina Ring
Enamel Paint Brown earringsEnamel Paint Brown earrings
Enamel Paint Drop EarringsEnamel Paint Drop Earrings
Enamel Paint Fire Drop EarringsEnamel Paint Fire Drop Earrings
Enamel Paint Fire EarringsEnamel Paint Fire Earrings
Enamel Paint Green/Orange earringsEnamel Paint Green/Orange earrings
Enamel Paint orange & Burgundy EarringsEnamel Paint orange & Burgundy Earrings
Sold outEnamel Paint Orange EarringsEnamel Paint Orange Earrings
Sold outEnamel Paint Red & Green EarringsEnamel Paint Red & Green Earrings
Flowers Printed Copper RingFlowers Printed Copper Ring
Freshwater Pearl +Copper Bracelet #AFreshwater Pearl +Copper Bracelet #A
Fuchsia Patina Copper RingFuchsia Patina Copper Ring
Fuchsia Twist EarringsFuchsia Twist Earrings
Fuchsia Twist Earrings Sale price$36.00
Geometric print Bronze RingGeometric print Bronze Ring
Gold-Silver Drop EarringsGold-Silver Drop Earrings
Half Circles Gold & Silver EarringsHalf Circles Gold & Silver Earrings
Lapis Blue Brass RingLapis Blue Brass Ring
Lapis Blue Brass Ring Sale price$36.00
Oxidized Boho Copper RingBoho Copper Ring
Oxidized Boho Copper Ring Sale price$36.00
Patina Bronze RingPatina Bronze Ring
Patina Bronze Ring Sale price$36.00
Seahorse Copper Ornament
Seahorse Copper Ornament Sale price$21.95
Silver Dots CuffSilver Dots Cuff
Silver Dots Cuff Sale price$89.00
Silver FLORAL CuffSilver FLORAL Cuff
Silver FLORAL Cuff Sale price$89.00
Silver swirl design CuffSilver swirl design Cuff
Silver swirl design Cuff Sale price$89.00
Silver WAVE CuffSilver WAVE Cuff
Silver WAVE Cuff Sale price$89.00
Square Brass RingSquare Brass Ring
Square Brass Ring Sale price$36.00
Square Rivet Brass RingSquare Rivet Brass Ring
Square Rivet Brass Ring Sale price$36.00
Square Rivet Bronze RingSquare Rivet Bronze Ring
Square Rivet Bronze Ring Sale price$36.00
Squares Drop EarringsSquares Drop Earrings
Squares Drop Earrings Sale price$39.00
Stars Lapis Copper RingStars Lapis Copper Ring
Stars Lapis Copper Ring Sale price$36.00
Stars Turquoise Copper RingStars Turquoise Copper Ring
Sold outCat Steampunk BroochFront and Back of the Steampunk Brooch
Steampunk Cat Brooch Sale price$49.00
Swarovski copper & Pearl NecklaceSwarovski copper & Pearl Necklace
Swarovski copper & Pearl Necklace Sale priceFrom $36.00
Swarovski Pearl Copper DesignSwarovski Pearl Copper Design
Swarovski Pearl Copper Design Sale priceFrom $39.00
Swarovski White Pearl Copper Necklace
Tri-Circle Drop EarringsTri-Circle Drop Earrings
Tri-Circle Drop Earrings Sale price$36.00