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the story

born from a near-death experience that sparked a creative awakening, my professional journey began three decades ago. infusing ancient techniques with contemporary artistry, each piece in my collection stands as a testament to the meticulous use of hand tools and traditional fabrication methods—anticlapsing, sawing, forging, forming, soldering, and polishing—all converging to craft jewelry meant not only to be worn but cherished.

the vision

my designs represent a harmonious fusion of sustainability and elegance. inspired by the wonders of nature and life's intricate beauty, i am a bohemian at heart. each one-of-a-kind and limited series piece is handcrafted with love, capturing the subtle nuances of the natural world. no two creations are alike, transforming each piece into a personal narrative—a story told through the medium of metal and a celebration of individuality.


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we are now located at 250 commercial street, suite 2024 in manchester, new hampshire's historic millyard.
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