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Boho Wedding Jewelry

We specializes in creating beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces for brides and their bridal parties over 30 years.

From the stylish vintage look to simple modern elegance, we can create a look that fits your style perfectly. Nurit Niskala, a designer with over 25 years of experience, will set up a consultation with you to create an amazing and unique piece to make you shine on your special day.

We are with you every step of the way when selecting the perfect jewelry for your wedding day.  We offer unparalleled personal service and invite you to work personally with Nurit to turn your wedding dreams into a reality as you work to create something truly unique together.

To schedule a bridal consultation, contact us today (-:

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White Rose Hair Piece - Nurit NiskalaWhite Rose Hair Piece - Nurit Niskala
White Rose Hair Piece* Sale price$69.00
Swarovski Crystal Bracelet - Nurit NiskalaSwarovski Crystal Bracelet - Nurit Niskala
White Crystal Headband - Nurit NiskalaWhite Crystal Headband - Nurit Niskala
White Crystal Headband* Sale price$89.00
Swarovski Pearl Necklace gold wire - Nurit Niskala
White Opal Flowers Sterling Earrings - Nurit Niskala
Dangly Pearl Earrings - Nurit Niskala
Crystal and Pearl Necklace - Nurit NiskalaCrystal and Pearl Necklace - Nurit Niskala
Crystal and Pearl Necklace Sale price$133.00
Swarovski Clear Crystal Earrings - Nurit Niskala
Fine Swarovski Earrings - Nurit Niskala
Sparkly Earrings Sale price$39.00
White Crystal Earrings - Nurit Niskala
White Crystal Earrings* Sale price$36.00
White Crystal Crochet Neckalce - Nurit NiskalaWhite Crystal Crochet Neckalce - Nurit Niskala
Swarovski Crystal Necklace - Nurit NiskalaSwarovski Crystal Necklace - Nurit Niskala
Delicate Pearl Earrings - Nurit Niskala
Delicate Pearl Earrings Sale price$36.00
White Opal Flowers Sterling Necklace - Nurit NiskalaWhite Opal Flowers Sterling Necklace - Nurit Niskala
Woven Amethyst Pearls EarringsWoven Amethyst Pearls Earrings
Woven Aqua Green Copper EarringsWoven Aqua Green Copper Earrings
Sold outSwarovski Crystal V Necklace - Nurit NiskalaSwarovski Crystal V Necklace - Nurit Niskala
Woven Black White EarringsWoven Black White Earrings