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Boho Rings

Discover the charm of our adjustable, handcrafted rings made from recycled bronze,brass and copper. Each piece is meticulously crafted in the USA, right from our studio in New Hampshire.

If you require a specific size, please don't hesitate to let us know. 

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Turquoise Patina Copper RingTurquoise Patina Copper Ring
White Patina Copper RingWhite Patina Copper Ring
White Patina Copper Ring Sale price$36.00
Turquoise Patina Flowers RingTurquoise Patina Flowers Ring
YELLOW Patina Copper RingYELLOW Patina Copper Ring
YELLOW Patina Copper Ring Sale price$36.00
White Patina Copper RingWhite Patina Copper Ring
Delicate Patina Brass RingDelicate Patina Brass Ring
Square Brass RingSquare Brass Ring
Square Brass Ring Sale price$36.00
White Flowers Brass RingWhite Flowers Brass Ring
White Flowers Brass Ring Sale price$36.00
Lapis Blue Brass RingLapis Blue Brass Ring
Lapis Blue Brass Ring Sale price$36.00
Stars Lapis Copper RingStars Lapis Copper Ring
Stars Lapis Copper Ring Sale price$36.00
Stars Turquoise Copper RingStars Turquoise Copper Ring
Square Rivet Brass RingSquare Rivet Brass Ring
Square Rivet Brass Ring Sale price$36.00
Square Rivet Bronze RingSquare Rivet Bronze Ring
Square Rivet Bronze Ring Sale price$36.00
Patina Bronze RingPatina Bronze Ring
Patina Bronze Ring Sale price$36.00
Oxidized Boho Copper RingBoho Copper Ring
Oxidized Boho Copper Ring Sale price$36.00
turquoise Patina Copper Ringturquoise Patina Copper Ring
Geometric print Bronze RingGeometric print Bronze Ring
Fuchsia Patina Copper RingFuchsia Patina Copper Ring
Flowers Printed Copper RingFlowers Printed Copper Ring
Emerald Turquoise Patina RingEmerald Turquoise Patina Ring
Delicate Sage Green CopperRingDelicate Sage Green CopperRing