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Contemporary COPPER Cuff Bracelet

Sale price$89.00

 Make a bold statement with this eye-catching copper cuff! 

Inspired by the captivating beauty of nature, the Anticlastic Copper folded Bracelet stands out as a stunning piece that captivates regardless of your styling choices. This bracelet showcases meticulously crafted markings, artfully resembling the organic patterns found in tree bark. These markings not only amplify the luster of the piece but also introduce a visual texture that elevates the overall allure of the bracelet. The gentle curvature of the bangle gracefully guides the eye along the wrist, creating a slenderizing effect that imparts a delicately refined and shapely appearance to the arms.
This Anticlastic Copper Bracelet boasts a rosy tint akin to rose gold while remaining budget-friendly. Wax and lacquer apply to keep this bracelet to shine for long time.
The cuff measures 1.5" wide and 7.5" long and is easy to put on - just roll it over your wrist from the thumb side, not over the top!


Contemporary COPPER Cuff Bracelet
Contemporary COPPER Cuff Bracelet Sale price$89.00