Sculpture Pearl Gold Brooch


Contemporary! Artistic sculpture brooch with a white pearl for an accent. This brooch features a pin back closure that you can use on the coat, dress, hat, scarf, and more... Lightweight. Matt gold (24K gold heavily plated) 

This unique shape brooch can make you look all the prettier any day of the week, bring a hint of luxury to your outfit and draw attention with every turn of your head.  

Nickle free/Lead-free, Hypoallergenic. Measurements: 2 inches in length, and 1.2 inch wide.

My path as an artist was brought to life out of a traumatic clinical death experience during labor with my daughter. As i came to terms with this experience i gained a new perspective and dedication to my artistic calling. I am deeply inspired by the messages I received during this experience and the connection between the spiritual and physical world. My jewelry is eco-friendly utilizing recycled metals and materials, and my creations are deeply connected to the story behind the materials and the onward intentions to their future owners. Each piece is a conversation starter that enhances the wearer's unique life purpose. My Soul-to-Soul collection is my deepest and most inspiring collection to date, unleashing a sense of healing, acceptance, and prosperity.

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